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Phone & Tablet Repair

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#1 Mobile Phone and Smart Device Repair Service

With over 15 years of experience, Matrix Phone Shop prides itself in offering the best mobile phone repairs Aylesbury services. 

We are not just your mainstream mobile phone and repair shop, but much more. What does that mean? At Matrix Phone Shop, we have successfully dealt with thousand of customers as one of the best independent mobile phone and repair shops of our generation in the Aylesbury area.

So are you tired of your smartphone lagging or switching off from nowhere? Or is it your laptop/gaming console/tablet that no longer works smoothly? Then you don’t need to worry anymore!

With our professional, smart device and phone repair Aylesbury services, you can say goodbye to the struggles of using a lagging or slow device. Our team of professional technicians have earned years of experience in repairing smart devices ensuring that there is no device model or problem they can’t solve. So you can finally say goodbye to all your smart device issues once and for all!

Why Matrix Phone Shop?

Matrix Phone Shop has been in business for more than 15 years and has made a name for itself as much more than just a place to buy cell phones. Our service is based in the Buckinghamshire towns of High Street and Aylesbury. Over the years, we’ve gotten to know our customers’ demands well. As a result, we have won many customers’ trust as one of the area’s best independent mobile phone and Aylesbury phone repair shops. We’re proud of our dedicated in-house repair shop, which can service and fix things for both consumers and businesses – offering to sell and repair services for a wide range of smart devices. 

Give us a call today for a quick consultation with our technician on the smart-device problem you are facing. We are always available to share quick repair insights and suggestions with you.

A Repair Service That is Simple and Fast!

Fast & Efficient Repairs

Bring your smart device to us and share the problem with our technician.

Let us examine and repair your device within 24hrs. (Additional time may be needed if the problem/repair is more complex)

Take your repaired smart device back and share your feedback (We love hearing back from you)!
Laptop Repairs
Are you using an older laptop model that has started lagging or showing errors? Does that delay your day-to-day work on the laptop? Matrix Phone Shop has you covered with our professional laptop repair services. Let our technician look into the problem and fix it in no time – whether you own an older or newer laptop model.
Mobile Phone Repairs
Using a mobile phone that runs slow, has poor battery life or overheats makes it impossible to use. But that doesn’t mean you can replace your new-bought smartphone immediately. Matrix Phone Shop and its phone repair Aylesbury services are available to help fix your smartphone problems, so you don’t have to face the same issues again.
Other Device Repairs
Besides laptops and smartphones, we also repair gaming consoles, tablets, and other smart devices. So no matter what kind of smart device needs fixing – our skilled team of technicians has it covered!

Quality Repair Services That You Can Always Count On!

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